Pregnancy Tips
Pregnancy Tips

Bond with your baby before he arrives

This is the time to step up as a father, supporting your wife in the pregnancy journey. However, it is probably difficult to really understand what the mother of your child is actually going through during pregnancy.

Not going pregnancy yourself, you feel like you might not connect with your wife and not know exactly what you can do for her. Being prepared for some of the issues and stress that your partner faces is a great way for you to be connected to her and to your child. Many times it is easy to concentrate on the physical changes that a woman is going through during pregnancy, but not the emotional and hormonal changes. Here are some tips for the dads to smoothen the journey to the big day.

Show Consideration

The most important thing is to show consideration for your partner, the expectant mother, who will be feeling unsettled, both physically and mentally. Do not simply accept that housework won’t be done; take a positive role and give a helping hand around the house. While you may be busy, try to remember that the most important thing right now is to cooperate and provide encouragement for the mother-to-be so she can give birth to a healthy baby. If you smoke, avoid smoking in the same room. A supportive father is the single most important source of happiness for an expectant mother.

Give her a feet rub

Foot massage is a wonderful stress reliever; it not only takes out stress but also gives some private time to talk about things, the usual dream it out with the baby time.

Show Interest

Okay this might be the 1000th time you are discussing about the baby's name, but always show interest, this just might save you and her. Dump those matches or two or get them recorded to watch later, but do take time out for the crucial appointments and workshops.

Clearn the Bathroom

This might sound low on priority but you will not let her puke in a dirty toilet now would you?

Remain Calm

She may be sick to her stomach, fatigued all the time, giddy, depressed, ravenous, completely without appetite, glad, mad, sad or just feel bad. Her ankles may swell and her breasts may ache. Her back may hurt and she may even develop new allergies. And, unfortunately, she may secretly blame you for her condition (especially if you show no willingness to commiserate with her). Your job is to calmly commiserate, and resist the urge to dismiss her problems and uncomfortable sensations.

Read her a book

There are certain nights when she won’t be able to sleep , be a good dad and tuck her in or read her a book till she falls asleep consider it a foreplay before you read your baby to sleep.

Love is in the air

Revisit the places where you fell in love with her take her to the place where you proposed to her, take her to a restaurant and keep the romance alive. Always make her feel special, more than anything she needs now is your presence and attention.

Feel the baby

You've heard it more than once, "Just put your hand right here…" All of a sudden she reports that the baby has stopped moving now. Try resting your hand on her belly during TV time or while you're laying in bed. (Ask first!) Chances are the longer you leave it there the more likely you are to be rewarded with the thumps and flutters she so longs for you to feel.

Get Ready To Be A Dad!

By the time the third trimester rolls around, you will be making a very quick transition from expectant to full-time dad. In the life of the relationship between father and son/daughter, pregnancy is only a small slice. Your real role in the pregnancy is to get ready to be a major player in the family and show personal leadership when it comes to raising your new child.

In the meantime, you should be thinking about the kind of father you want to be, the kind of values you want to instill, the kinds of things you'll want to teach your child. By the time your baby is born, you will be different people with a different outlook on life. After all, at the end of this process, two will have become three.