Why Cordcell
Why Cordcell

Cordlife - Asia’s Largest Network of Stem cell Banking Now in Bangladesh Business Partner Cordcell.

Cordlife is a Singapore-grown company that has expanded to become the largest network of private cord blood banks in Asia with state-of-the-art cord blood and cord lining processing and cryopreservation facilities in Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. The Group also has investments in China’s largest network of cord blood banks, China Cord as well as the No. 1 stem cell bank in Malaysia.

Since our inception, we have established a quality system and proven track record of reliable cord blood banking services. Our capability was recognized when our facility in Singapore was accredited by AABB, the world's gold standard in private cord blood banking. The winning expertise from Singapore was transferred to other Cordlife facilities in Indonesia, Philippines, India and Hong Kong which have also attained accreditations and certifications from various standards organizations and regulators. In 2013, Cordlife India successfully attained accreditation from AABB.

We pride ourselves on these stringent standards and guarantee that your baby's cord blood unit will be screened, processed and stored according to the strictest international quality assurance programme. Transplant physicians are more likely to accept an internationally accredited cord blood unit, compared to a unit which is not.

Click here, to view accreditations and certifications attained by Cordlife Group Limited and its associates.