Pregnancy Yoga

Few reasons why you need guided Meditation During Pregnancy

Many people consider meditation harmful at the time of pregnancy, but reality comes nowhere closer to these rumors.  Meditation is completely safe during pregnancy; even several doctors recommend pregnant ladies to meditate on a regular basis.

Guided Meditation has several benefits, and especially for a pregnant lady, as it helps with both your physical as well as emotional well-being. Meditation in the early pregnancy period helps to deal with anxiety and results in the reduction of stress during labor. Though meditation has no side effects, it is not recommended to stress your body at the final stage of pregnancy.

The Concept of guided Meditation

Guided Meditation is nothing but visualizing an object in a detailed manner. One can visualize anything during the meditation, such as a blue sky, flower, pebble, a leaf, a growing baby, and many things. Meditation improves the sub-conscious ability of the mind and helps to stay focused with the help of the soothing voice that will guide you throughout the process.

Let’s take a look at the advantages

Meditation with a proper diet plan and basic exercise helps the pregnant ladies to stay fit and healthy. Staying healthy is not the lone benefit of meditation; here are some of the other advantages of meditation for pregnant women.

Happier Babies

Parenting a baby is definitely not an easy task, but this gets worse if the kid has a negative mindset. Researchers revealed that if the mother practices meditation at the time of pregnancy, it has an extremely positive impact on the baby. The baby will be less affected by negativity and can self-regulate themselves.  So, by meditating on a daily basis, you could eliminate the extra burden of parenting in the future.

Avoiding Preterm Delivery

Preterm delivery has a severe impact on the development of the baby. It has been observed that most of the prematurely delivered babies suffer from a lack of mental and physical development. But, to everyone’s surprise, meditation can solve this problem. According to a study, meditation reduces the chances of preterm delivery by 50%.

Controlling Anxiety and Stress

Meditation generally reduces stress and anxiety, but it works like magic for pregnant women. A study revealed that the constant stress during pregnancy results in many adverse effects that can be seen in a newly born baby. As a result, meditation can be extremely helpful for the health of the mother and the child as well.

Less Pain During Labor

Labor pain is the worst thing that one can expect during pregnancy. A recent study reveals that meditation helps to decrease the labor pain by as high as 40%. It also helps the mother during postpartum recovery.

Improves Immunity

You can gift your baby a happy and disease-free life by only a half an hour of meditation during pregnancy on a daily basis. Meditation improves the immune power of the body. As a result, it is always recommended to practice meditation during pregnancy especially if it’s a guided one.

Other Advantages

  • It improves concentration.
  • Avoid extreme mood-swing.
  • It improves bonding with the baby.
  • It offers a calm and relaxing mindset.

In case you are not sure how to meditate properly, it’s always best to go for the guided meditation videos or audios that will definitely help you to concentrate on the right elements. Not only that, the calming voice and the audio will also eliminate your stress completely and make the process of meditation much easier.

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