Anxiety during Pregnancy

Getting sudden pregnancy-anxiety attacks? Stay stress free with these easy tricks!

It is quite common to find expecting moms to be anxious about every little thing regarding pregnancy. Why hasn’t the baby kicked yet? I walked a lot yesterday, will that put much strain on the baby? Should I eat junk food? Even the slightest change in their daily routine can get them all stressed and worried about the baby.

What leads to it?

While it is common for expecting moms to be a little anxious about the pregnancy, long term anxiety and panic attacks can be really harmful to the baby. Such a high degree of anxiety can lead to the development of various issues like premature birth, preeclampsia, and low weight during birth. There are certain things that can further boost these anxious feelings and make you more paranoid, and prone to panic attacks.

  • A family history of having anxiety
  • History of panic attacks, depression or anxiety
  • Past drug abuse
  • Any previous trauma
  • Excessive stress in life

Is it happening?

Here are some of the things that you might feel during an anxiety or panic attack

  • Feeling of breathlessness
  • Feeling like a crazy person
  • Getting the feeling of something awful happening

What to do now?

But how to deal with such anxious thoughts for all these months? Here are a few things that you could try before going to a mental health professional.

Talking helps

If you keep sharing your thoughts with your loved ones then it will not be so overwhelming and take over your entire life. So it is always advised to talk your heart out around the people you are comfortable with or the ones who have been through similar experiences and understand your feelings.

Stay active

Staying active in your daily life will help you find a release and also reduce the level of stress as well as anxiety. Routine physical activities like walking, light exercising, yoga and even aerobics release endorphins in the body. Endorphins are the best way to kill any anxious or depressive thoughts. But no matter what physical activity you plan on doing make sure to run it by your doctor once.

Train the mind

Some pregnancies are different than the others. In case of any complications, doctors might advise you against such physical activities. In such a situation the best way to release endorphins in the body is to train your mind to be calm. You can try deep abdominal breathing, meditation, massage therapy, and even acupuncture if you are forbidden from doing too many physical activities.

Join a group

Tokophobia is one of the common reasons for anxiety among the expecting moms. This is generated from nothing but the various worries related to childbirth. A good way to get rid of such troubling thoughts is to join a pregnancy class. Once you discuss all the crucial aspects of pregnancy and interact with the other women going through similar emotions you will feel much more relaxed.

Sometimes anxiety is deep-rooted and can only be eliminated by a professional who knows how to interpret your thoughts and help you get rid of them. If the situation demands, the therapist will also prescribe safe medications to help you stay calm and happy for the rest of your journey!

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