Know about Prenatal Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most exciting phase of life for an expectant mother. You may be confused about what to do or how to take care? Proper care is very important for a mum-to-be. there are some basic things that can help you in taking proper care of yourself and your baby.

Excited to know about the ways to care here we go:

  1. Proper diet is very necessary for pregnant women. you must eat healthy and fresh foods along with that consume supplements of Folic acid, vitamins, calcium and many others (as per instructed by your doctor). Try to consume food containing proteins, calcium, potassium, iron and Omega 3. Restrict the consumption of caffeine in your daily diet you should maintain your weight gain but that doesn’t mean you will cut off your daily calories for losing your weight. It might become harmful for both of you.
  2. Heavy workload during pregnancy is a complete NO. You can do the basic household stuff such as a little bit of cooking, washing the dishes, dusting of the house, etc. All of this must be done as per the instructions of your doctor. However, towards the end of the pregnancy doing any kind of work can create pressure in the womb and cause pain.
  3. Regular exercise during pregnancy is very important to stay fit and healthy. Exercise will help you to boost energy level, increase stamina, decrease fatigue and reduces bloating & constipation. During pregnancy, yoga is the best exercise for all the would-be mom.
  4. For all the people intake of nutrients is necessary but at the time of pregnancy it increases. As a little life is growing inside, you will need more nutrients as compared to other people. Supplements to be consumed must include vitamins, proteins, fats, minerals, iron and calcium.
  5. There are also such things which are strictly restricted for a pregnant woman. First is you must not smoke either in an active way or a passive way. Smoking may lead to reduced birth weight, premature birth of the baby anddefect in the mouth or lips. It may also cause SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Secondly, you must not drink alcohol because it will cause deformation from birth as well as fetal alcohol syndrome.
  6. In addition to all of these remember to go for a regular check-up and do the basic tests prescribed by the doctor. Else if you get any of the symptoms such as vaginal bleeding, blurred vision, extreme pain in the abdomen or burning sensation during urination

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